10th Anniversary

JILL STUART Brilliant 10th Anniversary

Brilliant 10th Anniversary

To provide all girls with cosmetics that make them happy.
10 years ago, JILL STUART Beauty was created based in this ideal.
Many girls have come into contact with our gemstone-like items since that time,
enjoying wonderful moments of sparkling beauty as a result.

To all of the girls who love JILL STUART
we now gift the ultimate sparkle, imbued with 10 years’ worth of feelings and emotions.
Our desire is that true sparkle will transform you
into an even more beautiful woman.

JILL STUART has continued to create a series of happy cosmetics,
overflowing with dreams and hope, and packed with "Jill Magic."
JILL STUART will remain by your side in the future,
wishing first and foremost for your happiness
and allowing the story that you weave to continue without end.

Message from Jill Stuart


Message from Lindsey Wixson

Message from Satoshi Saikusa

Congratulations to JILL STUART beauty on reaching your 10th anniversary. I think Jill is the only brand that creates a truly contemporary image of a woman, fusing elements from Japan, America and Europe in a perfect balance.

My work to blend as best I can my experience as a creator in Paris with the worldview of Jill has always been incredibly stimulating. I think the end product is a result of collaborative trial and error alongside all the other staff, each of whom value aspects such as cuteness, impishness, intelligence and elegance. Knowing that there are many customers out there who see the images, pick up the products and make good use of them, sympathizing with the worldview of Jill, is powerful a source of energy for my work in Paris.

I would like offer my gratitude to everyone I have worked with for such a long time, and who have helped us to create products exactly as envisioned. Thank you all. I hope you will allow me to continue to lend whatever strength I can to our high quality creative efforts. Congratulations again!

Satoshi Saikusa / Photographer
Moved to France in 1984. Has won a variety of prizes and awards, including the NY Graphic Cover Award, the MEILLEURE PREMIER REALISATION and the Master Prize (CF-ELF 30C). Has provided advertising visuals for JILL STUART Beauty since fall 2007.

Message from MICHIRU

JILL STUART Beauty, congratulations on your 10th anniversary!

Jill Stuart has brought dreams, hope, and sparkle to so many women. Makeup has the power to bring out our beauty. It also has the power to make us feel happy. I will always treasure having shared with blessed time with Jill Stuart as I continue with my life in makeup.

I hope you will continue to bring women everywhere that moment of excitement when they open the makeup palette! Thank you for all the love! ♥♥♥

MICHIRU / Makeup Artist & Beauty Director
Moved to France in 1990, and then to America in 1997. Has been active across a wide range of fields, including domestic and foreign fashion magazines, advertising, CF, beauty direction, and as a makeup advisor and creative director. Has been responsible for JILL STUART Beauty’s makeup since the debut of the brand in 2005.

JILLSTUART 10th Anniversary Collection

With the sparkling allure of jewelry.
A cosmetics box that overflows with decadent happiness.

JILL STUART 10th Anniversary Collection

In stores August 31, 2015 Limited edition
¥8,500 (not including tax)

Cosmetic items that also allow you to enjoy an additional special something.
A stunning collection, presented in a treasure chest that fits perfectly with the JILL STUART world view
and wreathed in cute pinks that bring you relaxation and enjoyment every time you see them.
Each of the jewelry cosmetics are like individual gemstones, representing "authenticity," "sparkle" and "blessings," and bringing additional brilliance to your cosmetics routine.

Brilliance True sparkle, like a diamond

Shimmering Brilliance

Like overlapping pearl sparkle.
Loose eye color that creates a glittering aura for your eyes.

Happiness A blessed feeling, like an emerald

Glowing Happiness

Soft and gentle color.
Soufflé-soft blush for an expression overflowing with happiness.

Love Deep love, like a ruby

Luminous Love

Bringing you a rich luster and sparkle.
Lip gloss that gives you charming, beautiful lips.

Purity Pure sparkle, like a sapphire

Radiant Purity

For a fine, lustrous, pure gaze.
A highlight color with a creamy texture.

Special Designs to Commemorate the 10 Year Anniversary of JILL STUART Beauty

Cosmetics Box

A metallic cosmetics box with an elegant, hand-polished finish. Richly decorated with motifs representative of the brand, including an arabesque pattern, brilliant cut and bead pattern, along with a relief of the new heart motif for the 10th anniversary. The interior of the box also has hand finished touches, including a black velour sheet marked with a silver Jill Stuart logo.

Item Set

Each and every item glitters like a gemstone. Each cap is inspired by a ballerina ring, with long cut diamonds depicting waves like a ballerina’s tutu, with a four color Swarovski glittering in the centre of the radial gems. The bodies are also a completely original cut shape, like sparkling gemstones.


JILLSTUART Brand History

Innocent Sexy Jill has created a crowned jewel for every princess, innocent, sexy, elegant, fun and savvy.
Experience the luxurious excitement
every time and reach for the stars!


The Debut of “JILL STUART Beauty”

  • Based in the concept of sparkling package designs, like vintage jewelry, and items that you can enjoy from the bottom of your heart. For sake of the “cuteness” of all women everywhere. This marked the start of the JILL STUART cosmetics story.
  • The first piece of advertising for JILL STUART Beauty. Brilliantly balances the “innocence” and “sexiness” that coexist within women to realize the ultimate “cuteness.”
  • Cheek blush is a key item that simply has to be part of the conversation when discussing JILL STUART makeup, realizing a happy expression with gentle color and perfect luster that appear to well up from inside. \n\nJILL STUART Blush Powder


The Debut of “Skincare”

  • Beautiful skin is the starting point for all beauty. Skin care that is fun to look at, touch, and feel, even as it makes you more beautiful, and is packed with the blessings of fruit. The brand was created with careful attention paid not only to comfort of use but also fragrance and design.


The Debut of “Jill by JILL STUART” & “Mix Blush”

  • “Fragrance is the most familiar form of luxury.” Fragrance is an item created with the full attention of Jill. The concept for this sweet fragrance is “a magical potion that makes dreams and wishes come true.” \n\nJill by JILL STUART Eau de Toilette
  • This must-have item for all women truly embodies the essence of “JILL MAGIC,” offering a cheek bush finish created from free combination off four colors, unbound by any rules or misconceptions. \n\nJILL STUART Mix Blush Compact


The Debut of “Bath & Body”

  • For a refreshed, smooth body, like the petals of a flower. Bath & body care items that allow you to have fun while obtaining heightened beauty.


The Debut of “Night Jewel”

  • A fairytale that is both innocent and sexy. Using the story of a fragrance to impart the instant in which a woman sparkles in the night like Cinderella. A fragrance that leaves reverberations of happiness. \n\nJILL STUART Night Jewel Eau de Toilette


2010 The Debut of “In-flight Items”

Retailed onboard international flights.
(Products marked with a * retailed onboard domestic flights)

  • 2010 \nJelly Lip Gloss Trio
  • 2011 \nBerry Best Collection
  • 2011 \nLip Jewel Trio
  • 2011 \nBest Sellers Collection
  • 2012 \nMix Blush Compact Illuminance
  • 2013 \nFloralTrip HandCream Kit
  • 2013 \nMix Blush Compact N
  • 2014 \nJelly Lip Gloss N Sweet Pink Collection
  • 2014 \nJILL STUART RELAX Littlebouquet HandCream Kit
  • 2014 \nMix Blush Compact N
  • 2015 \nLip Blossom Trio Flowers Collection
  • 2015 \nMix Blush Compact N


The Debut of “Vanilla Lust”

  • A pure and modern arrangement of the vanilla fragrance that Jill Stuart loves so dearly. An alluring scent that calls forth sweet memories and a feeling of blessed happiness, unforgettable after just the slightest touch. \n\nJILL STUART Vanilla Lust Eau de Parfum



  • The arrival of new bath & body items that comfortably envelop even private spaces, making them gorgeous and special. Enjoy the happiest moment of relaxation in the world. \n\nJILL STUART RELAX Body Milk \nJILL STUART RELAX Body Balm \nJILL STUART RELAX Hand Cream


The Debut of “JILL STUART Angel” & “JILL STUART Bon Mariage”

  • Romanic and pure items with a wedding dress theme, the one garment about which all women dream eternally. \n\nJILL STUART ANGEL
  • Skin care that protects and promotes innocent skin with the gentleness of angel wings. Safe and high quality, that can even be used on your children’s skin. \n\nJILL STUART BON MARIAGE


The Debut of “Lip Blossom” & “Crystal Bloom”

  • Lipstick originating with a bouquet of flowers. As soft as flower petals, and light and refreshing as morning dew. The flower mirror hidden in the cap appeals to every woman’s feminine side. \n\nJILL STUART Lip Blossom
  • The blessed fragrance of flowers, woven from over 100 materials. Brilliantly clear and pure, a charming fragrance that will find a special place in your heart. \n\nJILL STUART Crystal Bloom Eau de Parfum


“JILL STUART 10th Anniversary”

– The story continues

  • JILL STUART Forever Juicy Oil Rouge
  • JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eyes
  • JILL STUART Rouge My Dress
  • JILL STUART Everlasting Silk Powder Foundation Flawless Perfection

We will continue to create items that bring happiness to all women, along with an appealing jewelry-like sparkle.

History of Cheek

  • Loose cheek color that spreads smoothly and blends with a moist sensation. \n\nBlush Powder 2005
  • For a soft and gentle, girly impression. Cheek color that allows four colors to be freely combined. \n\nMix Blush Compact 2007
  • Like a bouquet of softly blossoming pink flowers. Loose cheek color that innocently, smoothly brings color to your cheeks. \n\nBlush Blossom 2010
  • For a soft and gentle, girly impression. Cheek color that allows four colors to be freely combined, now with a new and improved package design. \n\nMix Blush Compact N 2013
  • Light and gentle, like a freshly baked soufflé. Cheek color that allows four layers of color to be enjoyed. \n\nLayere Blush Compact 2013

History of Lip

  • Lipstick that is more like lip cream, bringing you light and soft lips. \n\nLipstick 2005
  • Liquid lip color that adorns your lips with a deep luster and clear color. \n\nLip Luster 2006
  • Spreads light, meltingly, like a jelly, realizing perfect coverage. Brings you full, luscious lips. \n\nJelly Lip Gloss 2009
  • For full and pure lips, as though decorated with droplets of jewels. Liquid rouge for refreshing and clear color. \n\nLip Jewel 2011
  • An update to the lip gloss that brings you full, jelly-like lips, now with increased luster and coverage. \n\nJelly Lip Gloss N 2013
  • Refreshing and light, like delicate petals. Lipstick born from a bouquet of flowers. \n\nLip Blossom 2014
  • Brilliant rich color and supreme luster. Oil rouge that brings you lips like delicious fruit. \n\nForever Juicy Oil Rouge 2015
  • Lipstick with the melting sensation of a cream, overflowing with elegance as though slipping into a wonderful dress. \n\nRouge My Dress 2015

History of Eyeshadow

  • A set of four eye colors, like overlapping veils of gentle light. Brings you eyes that appear to scatter sparkles with each alluring blink. \n\nBrilliance Eyes 2007
  • A set of four eye colors that realize luxurious luster, translucence, clear color and a deep sparkle. Brings you alluring eyes. \n\nSeductive Eyes 2008
  • A set of four eye colors that can create a nuanced sparkle. The four colors and sparkles perfectly overlap, bringing you eyes that dance with light and color. \n\nIlluminance Eyes 2008
  • A set of four eye colors that bring together pure color and sparkle like crushed gemstones. For eyes that glitter like wonderful jewels. \n\nJewel Crystal Eyes 2010
  • Eye color, as brilliant as sparkling as crushed gemstones, now enhanced with greater purity. \n\nJewel Crystal Eyes N 2013
  • A set of four eye colors that provide a high-quality luster like velvet, deep color and beautiful gradation. Brings you chic and elegant eyes. \n\nVelvet Crystal Eyes 2013
  • A set of five eye colors, with the Ribbon Color in the center realizing a higher level of gradation. Brings you feminine eyes that combine elegance with sweetness. \n\nRibbon Couture Eyes 2015

History of Fragrance

  • A sweet fragrance with a theme of “a magic bottle that makes dreams and wishes come true.” \n\nJILL by JILL STUART Eau de Toilette 2007
  • A more romantic, sexy limited edition fragrance that takes the refreshing base of JILL by JILL STUART and adds the sweet aroma of vanilla that Jill loves so much. \n\nJILL by JILL STUART Eau de Toilette Sweet Dreams 2008
  • A sweet and sexy fragrance based in the concept of that instant in which a woman sparkles out like Cinderella. \n\nNight Jewel Eau de Toilette 2009
  • Unforgettable after just a single touch. An alluring fragrance that leaves such wonderful reverberations behind. \n\nVanilla Lust Eau de Parfum 2011
  • Night Jewel seeks to create that instant in which a woman sparkles out like Cinderella, and this limited edition adds to that a fragrance like a summer night’s dream. \n\nNight Jewel Summer Bloom Eau de Toilette 2011
  • An utterly unique fragrance that transforms you into something special and eternally beautiful. For a translucent, charming sweetness that lasts. \n\nCrystal Bloom Eau de Parfum 2014
Brilliant 10th Anniversary