Crystal Bloom Snow Eau de Parfum (30mL)

Crystal Bloom Snow Eau de Parfum (30mL)

In stores from December 4, 2015
JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Snow Eau de Parfum
30mL 5,500 Yen (not including tax)

The most beautiful and pure fragrance in the world, with an elegant snow-like feeling of cleanliness produced by countless flowers.

The top note is a clean floral note that speaks of charming flowers wreathed in snow. The elegant fragrances of sweat pea and snowdrop resonate with the sparkle of snowy crystals, fostering a refreshing and clean feeling.

The middle note is a snow floral note, like snow crystals carrying flower fragrances as they melt in the sunlight. Led by the sparkle of infinitely translucent muguet, a clean fragrance comfortably envelops you.

The base note is a crystal powdery note, with soft and delicate snows leading you into an illusory world of dreams. The gentle fragrance of white iris depicts the powdery feeling of snow, fostering a sweet and elegant warmth.

One of the top perfumers in the world, Cecile Matton, has taken the “innocent sexy” world of JILL STUART and applied her delicate sensibilities, like polishing a gemstone, to blend it with the beautiful and pure vistas of Crystal Bloom Snow. While keeping the translucency and cleanliness, she had expertly brought out feelings of snowy powder and floral sweetness, completing a fragrance that unleashes a broad spectrum of sparkling appeal.

A snow white bottle, like flowers covered in snow.

The cap is decorated with three flowers that have five petals each, and with a Swarovski crystal sparkling with aurora colors in the center. The pedestal is decorated with a flower motif relief using flower stamens and pistils. The design evokes a budding flower poking up from beneath a layer of white snow, preparing to bloom in the sunlight of early spring.

Fragrance Composition

Crystal Bloom Eau de Parfum keeps the translucency and sweet fragrance of proudly blooming flowers while providing a cleanly elegant sensation like snow and a soft powdery feeling for a pure floral aroma rich with charming white floral tones. The tulle accord brings depth to the entire fragrance, allowing more than 100 different materials to each individually bloom and appealing with a variety of different expressions.

*Tulle accord: A JILL STUART Crystal Bloom Eau de Parfum original accord.
Like a wonderful tulle dress it rises upward, the fragrance blossoming out, each material coming to the fore in turn to provide a gently spreading, charmingly translucent fragrance.

Fragrance: Snowy Floral Accord

Sweet pea, Snowdrop, Lemon*, Orange*, Bergamot*, Apple, Plum, Black current, Freesia

Muguet, Sambac Jasmine*, Magnolia*, Rose*, Peony

White Iris*, White Musk, Osmanthus, Water lily, Amber, Tulle accord

Underlined: Key Floral
*Natural Fragrance

Key Materials

Floriography: “Pure love,” “Hope,” “Confessions of love,” “Coming of happiness”
A charming flower also known as the “bell orchid,” due to looking like a charming little bell and an orchid. Its elegant fragrance has been loved by people since ancient times. In Europe there is a custom of sending these flowers to people you love, and they are also used in bridal bouquets, leading them to be said to brg happiness to everyone who receives them.

White Iris
Floriography: “Love,” “A kind heart,” “Elegance,” “Trust,” “Treasuring you”
“Iris” means “rainbow” in Greek, and these flowers have rainbow like colors. In Greek mythology Iris was the “messenger who linked the earth and the heavens,” and rainbows are said to be the bridges that she used while doing so.

Sambac Jasmine
Floriography: “Grace,” “Sweetness,” “Honesty,” “Mildness”
The name “jasmine” is said to come from the Persian “yasmin”, meaning “a gift from god.” Jasmine is known as the king of fragrances, and the flower is famous as the raw material for many perfumes and teas. In India it is known as the “flower of love,” with a tradition of using jasmine as decorations during weddings and including the meaning of “I will be with you.”

White Musk
Musk is often compared to a clean and fresh fragrance, such as “a smell like soap.” Has a soft, powdery fragrance that perfectly suits being worn on the skin, bringing you a feeling of cleanliness along with a comfortable warmth. Another appeal of musk is the soft and gentle feeling it provides, like your skin after just taking a bath.