JILLSTUART 2016 Spring Collection

In stores from Friday January 8, 2016

Spring Snowy Pastel

A gentle breeze and soft shafts of light
are indicators of the arrival of a new season.
The charming hues of delightful flowers, green fields,
and birds as they wing across the azure sky
only increase in brilliance with the caress of the spring sunlight.
Yet even as color returns to the world whimsical snow may still fall,
creating a paradoxically illusory scene.

This spring, Jill Stuart
offers a pastel color collection,
like a veil of snow over proudly blooming flowers.
With the soft sensation of snow against your skin and a fine,
delicate sparkle, enjoy the brilliance of the blessings of seasonal change.
Invited out by the return of the sun,
enjoy charming and beautiful fun with colors.

Bring a gemstone-like sparkle to your eyes.
Four clear and rich eye colors.

In Stores January 8, 2016 New Product

Shimmer Couture Eyes

4 colors x 5 types & 1 limited edition 5,000 Yen each (not including tax)

Four colors in each set produce sparkle, luster and clarity, bringing a stunningly gorgeous finish to your eyes.
  • 01 timeless amethyst For those seeking feminine, gorgeous eyes Lavender & pink, inspired by the timeless sparkle of amethyst
  • 02 fairy dazzle For those seeking fresh, gorgeous eyes Fairy green & fairy orange, inspired by the sparkle of fairies
  • 03 layered jewelry For those seeking charming, gorgeous eyes Misty green & misty blue & misty pink, inspired by layers of rich jewelry
    *Main color
  • ★04 another princess For those seeking sweet, gorgeous eyes Champagne gold & sweet pink, inspired by an elegant lady
  • 05 vintage brilliance For those seeking elegant, gorgeous eyes Gold & brown, inspired by the rich sparkle of vintage jewelry

★Limited edition color

Like flowers opening to greet spring.
Six blush colors to freely bring color to your cheeks.

In stores January 8, 2016 Limited Edition

Mix Blush Compact More Colors

6 colors x 2 limited editions 4,500 Yen each (not including tax)

Box is decorated with
a flower pattern in watercolors.
  • ★11 eternal bouquet Pastel pink, like eternally blooming flowers
    *Main color
  • ★12 blooming garden Reddish pink, like flowers in a brilliant garden

★Limited edition color

Like the moment in which spring snow and flowers meet.
Nail colors in pure and illusory hues.

In stores January 8, 2016 Limited Edition

Spring Snow Nails

10mL 7 limited edition colors, 1,500 Yen each (not including tax)

Box is decorated with
a flower pattern in watercolors.
  • ★01 blooming snow Pastel green flower snow
  • ★02 flower snow Pastel yellow flower snow
  • ★03 candy snow Sweet candy snow, like a delicious sugary treat
    *Main color
  • ★04 marshmallow snow Milky marshmallow snow, inspired by a variety of flavors
  • ★05 misty snow Misty snow, airy like a bright and clear morning
  • ★06 leafy snow Leafy snow, like young leaves blowing in the spring breeze
  • ★07 feathery snow Feathery snow, like the wings of a canary crossing the spring sky

★Limited edition color

Fruit colors ripened in the spring sunlight.
Oil rouge that brings you lips like fresh fruit.

In stores January 8, 2016 New Colors & Limited Edition

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge

10mL, 3 colors / 1 limited edition color, 2,800 Yen (not including tax)

A dazzlingly sparkling cap that
turns even the simple application of
rouge into something cute and charming.
  • 09 ripened pitaya Milky pink, like ripe pitaya
    *Main color
  • ★10 jovial pomelo Reddish orange, like a fresh citrus pomelo
  • 11 merry pomegranate Ruby pink, like the flesh of a pomegranate

*All non-pearl ★Limited edition color

As gorgeous as the flowers of spring.
Lipstick that brings you pure lips.

In stores January 8, 2016 New Color & Limited Edition Color

Lip Blossom

2 colors, 1 limited edition 2,800 Yen each (not including tax)

Push up the silver,
flower motif body upward to
reveal a J mark and secret mirror.
  • 19 crossandra melody Sheer fuchsia pink like crossandra flowers (non-pearl)
  • ★20 honey suckle Coral pink, as sweet as honey suckle flowers (non-pearl)
    *Main color

★Limited edition color

Colorful flowers and a bright ribbon make a gorgeous impression.
A mature yet cute limited edition pouch for spring.

In stores January 8, 2016 Limited Edition

Pouch (Spring Mood)

3,800 Yen (not including tax)

Pouch size:
Approx. W175 x H110 x D60mm