Destiny closet collection

Destiny Closet Collection In store Friday November 6, 2015 (pre-order available from 10.00 October 23, 2015)

Dreamy dress closet

The fabulous holiday season, setting your heart aflutter.
You desire only those items that will make you sparkle the most brilliantly.
A dress that cuts a beautiful silhouette,
jewelry that glitters with a deep brilliance,
a bag that doubles as a gorgeous accessory
and high-heels that let you to strut your stuff in style.
Prepare to dress up in your most elegant outfit ever!

The closet door is an entrance to a happy world,
leading into a chamber of joy that all girls love to visit.
For Christmas 2015, Jill Stuart
offers a make-up collection with a magical closest theme.
Dressing in your favorite items will make you sparkle with a feminine aura,
allowing you to even steer your very destiny.
This winter will surely mark the start of a very special,
completely unique, utterly wonderful story.

As though opening the door to destiny.
A closet that realizes the dreams of girls everywhere.

In store November 6, 2015 Limited edition

Destiny closet collection

7,500Yen (not including tax)


Chic yet gorgeous shading.
Eye color that brings you eyes which sparkle like jewels.

Ribbon Couture Eyes

11 enchanted jewelry An alluring palette that takes monotone platinum, black and pure white and adds the sweetness of pink
★Limited edition color

An elegant luster from four brilliant colors.
Blush that brings out the drama in your cheeks.


Dreamy Dress Red, realizing the ultimate expression
★Limited edition color
Supplied with brush. Comes in limited edition case with a “J” symbol.

Lustrous lips, as though hit by a brilliant spotlight.
Lip gloss that provides pure color.

JILL STUART Jelly Lip Gloss N

14 dramatic high heels High Heel Red, leading you to a dramatic new meeting
★Limited edition color

For fingertips that will draw in a destined encounter.
Nail colors that sparkle with wonderful luster.

JILL STUART Nail Lacquer R

46 happiness ring Pearl white with a charming pink nuance on a beautiful and elegant ring
★Limited edition color